briandennishart: Storm over a potato field in Eastern, Idaho.
briandennishart: God bless all of us as we weather the storms of life.
briandennishart: Me, working on my social distancing skills.
briandennishart: The fading light before the storm.
briandennishart: He came calling again, my favorite Coopers Hawk.
briandennishart: A reminder of the good old summer time.
briandennishart: At the evening watering hole.
briandennishart: Time to head for the house, moose tracks on the far bank.
briandennishart: Blessed with the life blood of water in the silence of winter.
briandennishart: Upper Snake River Plains, looking east towards the Grand Teton range.
briandennishart: Blackfoot River east of Blackfoot, Idaho, on a winters day.
briandennishart: Viewing the Portneuf Gap from Pebble creek Ski Area above Inkom,Idaho, looking towards Pocatello and then to my house.
briandennishart: My fine feathered friend 0n a snowy day.
briandennishart: The lower Blackfoot river in the Targhee Caribou Highlands of eastern Idaho.
briandennishart: Gray day in December.
briandennishart: Fantastic colors on the river.
briandennishart: Here comes the purple night.
briandennishart: This Doe has such a concerned look in her eye. Her fawn was on the other side of me trying to hide in the tall grass.
briandennishart: Here comes the morning train.
briandennishart: My little Wood-Pecker.
briandennishart: Late October, Northern COLD Front in the Snake river plains. Oct 30 @ 7:10 a.m. temperature 7 degrees below 0 fahrenheit. Record breaking cold!
briandennishart: The mighty Snake River at Blackfoot, Idaho. Born in Yellowstone and blessed by the Tetons, this 1078 mile long river is the life blood of the Snake River plain and supports the bounty that is shared with the world.
briandennishart: Pumpkin patch, just for the Fall of it.
briandennishart: My morning visitor.
briandennishart: October Moon.
briandennishart: South bound at sunset.
briandennishart: The last sunset before the first snowfall.
briandennishart: Eastern Idaho, Potato field ready for the Fall Harvest.
briandennishart: The day is gone.
briandennishart: You can't overstate the Grandeur of Fall textures and colors.