briandennishart: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone! Peace on Earth.
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briandennishart: First snow of the season makes for a beautiful scene in Eastern, Idaho.
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briandennishart: Teton Range, March 9-2021. Always a great trip.
briandennishart: Sunset on Mount Putnam in the Targhee-Caribou Range of Eastern, Idaho.
briandennishart: Sunset on the Blackfoot, River.
briandennishart: Heading home just before sundown.
briandennishart: The Green River, south west of Farson, Wyoming.
briandennishart: Come step back in time.
briandennishart: Autumn on my street.
briandennishart: Waiting for winters blanket of snow.
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briandennishart: Our smokey sunsets make it look like we are on another planet.
briandennishart: Early morning riser!
briandennishart: Storm over a potato field in Eastern, Idaho.
briandennishart: God bless all of us as we weather the storms of life.
briandennishart: Me, working on my social distancing skills.
briandennishart: The fading light before the storm.
briandennishart: He came calling again, my favorite Coopers Hawk.
briandennishart: A reminder of the good old summer time.
briandennishart: At the evening watering hole.
briandennishart: Time to head for the house, moose tracks on the far bank.
briandennishart: Blessed with the life blood of water in the silence of winter.