peter4065: 20190813-IMG_1696-Edit.jpg
peter4065: Empty Seats
peter4065: Just dropping in for some lunch_IMG_0699
peter4065: Pull up a branch and join in_ IMG_0720
peter4065: IMG_0165_16x12_HDR_Sun Rays_Stylize Filter_Creek.jpg
peter4065: Brisbane Australia_IMG_2416
peter4065: Looking for lunch.
peter4065: IMG_0497-Edit.jpg
peter4065: No one here
peter4065: Gone but not forgotten
peter4065: IMG_0775-Edit.jpg
peter4065: Parrot bearing gift
peter4065: Dessert anyone?
peter4065: Sky replaced from the photo to the right of this one
peter4065: DSC02975.jpg
peter4065: Photo to the right shows new sky and B&W version
peter4065: B&W + New sky = intriguing scene
peter4065: The colors in my garden
peter4065: Portrait of a colorful garden
peter4065: Clearance to land
peter4065: You lookin' at me?
peter4065: Dragonfly out having fun...
peter4065: Just watching
peter4065: Lorikeets just hanging out at our place!
peter4065: Damselfly Perch
peter4065: Another visitor
peter4065: Morning dew
peter4065: Sunrise at Nudgee Beach
peter4065: Sunrise at a secret fishing spot
peter4065: In flight meal