billbigfish: Zipping by!
billbigfish: What do you want? (Explored 6/18/24)
billbigfish: I'm one in 10,000
billbigfish: AHHH! That sun feels good!
billbigfish: Feeding time!
billbigfish: I can still see you!
billbigfish: Fly me away!
billbigfish: Those Eyes!
billbigfish: This spider was driving me cuckoo!
billbigfish: On the path to a new beginning!
billbigfish: Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!
billbigfish: A quick visit!
billbigfish: I see you in there!
billbigfish: I never fly slow!
billbigfish: Go ahead, I dare you, see if you can fly!
billbigfish: Taking a stroll!
billbigfish: You have a towel?
billbigfish: Passing through! (Explored 6/2/24)
billbigfish: On the prowl!
billbigfish: First Hummer of the season on a flower!
billbigfish: Sushi for breakfast!
billbigfish: Bringing home a meal!
billbigfish: Basking in the sun!
billbigfish: Reflection! Where have you been?
billbigfish: I got the prize!
billbigfish: Nice to see you!
billbigfish: The poser!
billbigfish: Paying a visit!
billbigfish: Taking a short break!
billbigfish: What do you mean, your out of mealworms!