arransquare: Pure loco....
arransquare: I wish i could tell you all the things..
arransquare: Old man's eyes.....
arransquare: Thre route through the mountains
arransquare: Roman aquaduct, highlands of western Turkey.
arransquare: Storm clouds gather off the Turkish coast.
arransquare: Looking at Clare across Galway bay
arransquare: Sunset over the the cutaway bogland.
arransquare: The day a sad thing happened to me.
arransquare: Clouds over Galway bay.
arransquare: Creeping and reaching....
arransquare: A bale of straw. Disorder.
arransquare: Night falls on the lakes of Killarney
arransquare: Fallen
arransquare: Beech forest. Middle Ireland.
arransquare: Ancient Irish yew forest
arransquare: Silence
arransquare: The Glade II
arransquare: The Lakes of Killarney
arransquare: Ancient
arransquare: The glade
arransquare: Irish beech whispering
arransquare: Cold solitude
arransquare: Admiral art
arransquare: Fill your belly!
arransquare: The rusting cliffs. Kerry head with Brandon in the far distance.
arransquare: Looking towards America. Kerry head.
arransquare: The old road to the sea. As far to the west as you can go.
arransquare: Ancient rusty bolt in the kitchen garden wall.