arransquare: More growing symmetry.
arransquare: Green on green. Under the canopy. Summer.
arransquare: Just how impressive is he???
arransquare: Mountains of the moon 2
arransquare: Just an impression.....
arransquare: The story of a small boy.
arransquare: Jigsaw 2. Forty shades.
arransquare: The other world
arransquare: Jigsaw
arransquare: Irish summer woodland canopy. (Alder, ash, beech and laurel).
arransquare: The most intimate pink huddle.
arransquare: More symmetry
arransquare: The undergrowth.
arransquare: Mountains of the moon
arransquare: Evening
arransquare: Who cares......
arransquare: On the march.....
arransquare: Victorian
arransquare: Another one
arransquare: Pathos
arransquare: The deepest place. My secret.
arransquare: Prince
arransquare: Stones on stones
arransquare: My impression of reeds on a bog lake in middle Ireland. Creeping silence.
arransquare: No metaphor
arransquare: Architecture
arransquare: Grand reflection
arransquare: Are you tired......