dimitris_78z: gazing Aegean sea
dimitris_78z: autumn beaches
dimitris_78z: at the lake
dimitris_78z: night lights
dimitris_78z: Pirates are here
dimitris_78z: sunset at the port
dimitris_78z: Quick test with Z6 and Tamron 70-200/2.8 on Andromeda galaxy. Yes the 200mm is nit enough.
dimitris_78z: sunset colours
dimitris_78z: the fisherman
dimitris_78z: night light
dimitris_78z: waiting
dimitris_78z: autumn is here
dimitris_78z: silhouette
dimitris_78z: morning sailing
dimitris_78z: ,new day
dimitris_78z: Windy sunset
dimitris_78z: abandonment
dimitris_78z: night life
dimitris_78z: on the road again
dimitris_78z: beautiful morning
dimitris_78z: the red cabin
dimitris_78z: moonlight
dimitris_78z: Blue hour
dimitris_78z: nature
dimitris_78z: Look at me
dimitris_78z: time goes by
dimitris_78z: RS life