dimitris_78z: far away from the dry land
dimitris_78z: Age is just a number
dimitris_78z: next to the city
dimitris_78z: Fury roads
dimitris_78z: Searching for an answer
dimitris_78z: fisherman's blues
dimitris_78z: moonset
dimitris_78z: Angry Zeus
dimitris_78z: Road of thunder
dimitris_78z: new day
dimitris_78z: Sunrise tree
dimitris_78z: Summer by the sea
dimitris_78z: reflections
dimitris_78z: Lemnos Port
dimitris_78z: Waiting for the summer
dimitris_78z: Sunset at the fields
dimitris_78z: speed of light
dimitris_78z: rain curtain
dimitris_78z: fishing
dimitris_78z: Harvest Milkyway
dimitris_78z: port beacon
dimitris_78z: Kavala
dimitris_78z: time passing by
dimitris_78z: Lemnos Salt Lake
dimitris_78z: the way to the sea
dimitris_78z: like a painting
dimitris_78z: Travelling again
dimitris_78z: Myrina
dimitris_78z: Myrina