Rusnius: ◻️
Rusnius: ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃
Rusnius: Oh wonderful and intoxicating sense of nothingness!
Rusnius: When all that is not silence leaves the room and quickly rushes out of the house.
Rusnius: Near the tall grass the trail ended up. To stay here for the night or to go further? Oh, how fun it is to think about it!
Rusnius: Eyes, which are not looking at me, only at herself.
Rusnius: Saunter.
Rusnius: Chernobyl rain.
Rusnius: So you've closed your world in silence.
Rusnius: Let's play.
Rusnius: We flew to see the pyramids.
Rusnius: I like your curtains.
Rusnius: As if they all were born with death in their eyes.
Rusnius: Further and further away into silence.
Rusnius: Without getting directions, you go away not asking where to go.
Rusnius: Her voice sounded like a distant part of the universe from the time when there was no sun.
Rusnius: Rooting and blossoming for you.
Rusnius: Gods are awakening.
Rusnius: It was so empty everywhere.
Rusnius: Seacow.
Rusnius: Oh jeez.
Rusnius: It hurts to grow away from nearness.