sebastiánaguilar: Mértola (Portugal)
Martin Arcos.: Bridge at night
Martin Arcos.: The golden pond
Martin Arcos.: Frozen path
Martin Arcos.: Przewalski's horses
Martin Arcos.: blossom
Martin Arcos.: Reflections at sunset
Martin Arcos.: first snow
Oliver (Wolbadger): Little acorn
Oliver (Wolbadger): Shield bug on holly berries
Oliver (Wolbadger): Miller park, Preston Lancashire
Oliver (Wolbadger): Raindrops on crocus
Oliver (Wolbadger): Lost in the woods
Oliver (Wolbadger): Sunset at the bull nose
RM GN: Novemberwanderung 2
RM GN: Eiszeit II
h.ennemoser: Winter sun
h.ennemoser: Berchtesgaden
h.ennemoser: Breakfast
h.ennemoser: Afternoon in the Heutal
h.ennemoser: The silence of winter
h.ennemoser: On ski tour
h.ennemoser: San Vigilio
h.ennemoser: Im Rapsfeld
h.ennemoser: Kallbrunnalm
h.ennemoser: The work is done
h.ennemoser: The lonesome dog
h.ennemoser: Above the fog
h.ennemoser: Dürnstein
h.ennemoser: Once upon a time...