chriswalkernyc: Philadelphia Tiger Swallowtail
chriswalkernyc: Philly Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly
chriswalkernyc: Philly Swallowtail Butterfly
chriswalkernyc: Philly Butterfly
chriswalkernyc: Philly Butterfly
chriswalkernyc: Untitled
chriswalkernyc: Love & Basketball
chriswalkernyc: Hudson River Park
chriswalkernyc: Gone Fishing
chriswalkernyc: Narcissus in Times Square
chriswalkernyc: A Sudden Snow Squall Over the New York Bay
chriswalkernyc: Hudson Yards at Night
chriswalkernyc: Morning Makeup Routine on the #2 Train
chriswalkernyc: Train Arriving at Main Street Station
chriswalkernyc: A Selfie in the Winter Garden
chriswalkernyc: Gucci Sneakers on Amsterdam Avenue and 86th Street, New York City, USA
chriswalkernyc: Statue of Liberty at 667 Madison Avenue
chriswalkernyc: The American Consumer
chriswalkernyc: Pentagon City Metro Station Ceiling
chriswalkernyc: BLUE STEEL 1
chriswalkernyc: BLUE STEEL 2
chriswalkernyc: BLUE STEEL 3
chriswalkernyc: On the Inside Looking Out
chriswalkernyc: Flatiron Building at Dusk
chriswalkernyc: "DUSTIN FOR MAYOR" Street Concert
chriswalkernyc: Norm (1)
chriswalkernyc: Norm (2)