chriswalkernyc: Margaret Cornish (abt. 1610-abt. 1670)
chriswalkernyc: JOHN GRAWEERE (abt. 1615-Unknown)
chriswalkernyc: Con Edison Men at Work on Vesey Street
chriswalkernyc: A View from Central Park at Night
chriswalkernyc: Hiding in Plain Sight: The Homeless in Grand Central Terminal
chriswalkernyc: Mountains of Trash 1
chriswalkernyc: Mountains of Trash 2
chriswalkernyc: A Sunset Reflected on the Conrad Hotel
chriswalkernyc: 1657 Amy Barnhouse Legal Document that freed Mihill Gowen [Michael Gowen (1735-1717)] from indentured service.
chriswalkernyc: Hudson Yards at Night
chriswalkernyc: West Village Sidewalk
chriswalkernyc: Philly's Joan of Arc
chriswalkernyc: Hudson River Goose Portrait
chriswalkernyc: Hudson River Goose & Sunbathers
chriswalkernyc: Hudson River Monarch Butterfly
chriswalkernyc: The Rittenhouse Hotel & Residences
chriswalkernyc: 14th Street Reflector
chriswalkernyc: Summer Splash in Logan Fountain
chriswalkernyc: Philadelphia Tiger Swallowtail
chriswalkernyc: Philly Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly
chriswalkernyc: Philly Swallowtail Butterfly
chriswalkernyc: Philly Butterfly
chriswalkernyc: Philly Butterfly
chriswalkernyc: Untitled
chriswalkernyc: Love & Basketball
chriswalkernyc: Hudson River Park
chriswalkernyc: Gone Fishing