judethedude73: Baby blues....
judethedude73: Too glam to give a damn
judethedude73: Contemplating
judethedude73: Sunset with my boy
judethedude73: Last of December 2017 sunrises
judethedude73: Pevensey Bay in December
judethedude73: December sunrise
judethedude73: Bauble and bokeh
judethedude73: While the Shepherd watched his flock by night
judethedude73: We’re caught in a trap
judethedude73: November stillness
judethedude73: Fenced in.....
judethedude73: Beachy Head
judethedude73: Strumming
judethedude73: Scruffy Pups
judethedude73: Welcome to the club
judethedude73: My doodle
judethedude73: Jammin reflection
judethedude73: Stillness after the storm
judethedude73: Thi chi on the beach
judethedude73: Suited and booted
judethedude73: Unusual skies
judethedude73: Nature’s perfection...
judethedude73: Nature’s painting
judethedude73: Golden Dome
judethedude73: This guy............ 💙
judethedude73: Beside the seaside, beside the sea.....
judethedude73: Wastin' time
judethedude73: End of the Day Rays
judethedude73: Stripes