judethedude73: I like to boogie
judethedude73: Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow
judethedude73: Morning view from my garden
judethedude73: Fashion and Frocks
judethedude73: Attempt at looking manly
judethedude73: Sunflower madness
judethedude73: Path through the corn fields
judethedude73: Here comes the rain again
judethedude73: Spot the doodle
judethedude73: Is he a Yankee? No, I'm a Londoner
judethedude73: Seaford Head
judethedude73: Just jammin
judethedude73: Companionship
judethedude73: This Way
judethedude73: London Pride
judethedude73: Sunflowers on a dull day
judethedude73: Adding a bit of sparkle
judethedude73: Wild flowers
judethedude73: The Bride to be....
judethedude73: Pevensey at dusk
judethedude73: Peeping
judethedude73: Lads communicating
judethedude73: Solstice and Poppies
judethedude73: Cuckmere in June
judethedude73: May pier
judethedude73: Best part of the day
judethedude73: Last of May sunsets