farida_kilani: Set sail. It’s not the time to reveal.
farida_kilani: Bless your soul, wherever you are.
farida_kilani: “Run away, I’ll understand.”
farida_kilani: I wanted to leave…
farida_kilani: Look up, child.
farida_kilani: Couldn’t we have a glimpse of the end?
farida_kilani: You leave when you become a stranger.. a silhouette.
farida_kilani: lets get lost in the beautiful details of our chaos lives.
farida_kilani: ..so our paths may cross at one point on an Autumn day
farida_kilani: “My longing remains a waterfall running through your neighbourhoods..”
farida_kilani: Couldn’t we keep the light on?
farida_kilani: Leaving the shadow of the past behind.
farida_kilani: And the layers of his soul couldn't lead anywhere else but here.
farida_kilani: “I hope I ain’t the last of what the world left you..”
farida_kilani: "وتُجبرنا عيناكِ على الرَّحيل.." “Then your eyes force us to leave..”
farida_kilani: As silent eternity, my soul is empty.
farida_kilani: Trying hard to belong, but running away again instead.
farida_kilani: Little men. Seriously discussing.
farida_kilani: “Who were you, before they broke your heart?”
farida_kilani: Peaceful
farida_kilani: There’s no going back.
farida_kilani: “We are the ones were and still will be here.”
farida_kilani: Do not have fear, my dear, to go far.. to go deep.
farida_kilani: “Glory to the unknown ones.” - Egypt
farida_kilani: Just like before, just like will always be.
farida_kilani: Struggled long inside, at the end you just shined.
farida_kilani: During the journey, sun will die, and we will say our last goodbye.
farida_kilani: You can carry everything on, Bridge. I won’t look back.
farida_kilani: And we cling the edges of our days, perhaps the little details of tomorrow will make it better.