andy_ashby: One day i'll be....
andy_ashby: Linton
andy_ashby: Linton Weir
andy_ashby: Linton, River Wharfe
andy_ashby: Rising water
andy_ashby: No horses
andy_ashby: Cauldron Falls
andy_ashby: Cauldron Falls
andy_ashby: Humber Bridge
andy_ashby: Welcome to a foggy start 2020
andy_ashby: Wharram Percy fish pond
andy_ashby: Early morning frost
andy_ashby: Wharram Percy
andy_ashby: Autumn Ladybower
andy_ashby: Sleepy hollow
andy_ashby: Twisted
andy_ashby: Padley
andy_ashby: Enjoying the view
andy_ashby: Saltburn Pier
andy_ashby: In too deep
andy_ashby: Full to the brim
andy_ashby: Torside Reservoir overflow
andy_ashby: Causeway to Talacre
andy_ashby: No Passage landward
andy_ashby: Penmon Lighthouse & Puffin Island
andy_ashby: Talacre
andy_ashby: Llandudno Pier
andy_ashby: Llandudno Pier
andy_ashby: Talacre lighthouse
andy_ashby: Hook Moor