Gnome Girl!: Snarls in the troll's hair (Icelandic river veins)
bp200mm: Northern White Violets
bp200mm: Mayapple Raindrops
bp200mm: Jack-in-the-Pulpit
Hilton Chen: Meander
Jim Patterson Photography: Northwest Blues
walking along: Valley of Fire, Nevada
walking along: A Sandstone Story
Simon Huynh: The Majestic Yosemite (In Explore # 27)
MickH5: Ice
Illawarra Nature Photography: Scribbly gum bark triptych
Rob Blanken: Winter in the Netherlands
Edinburgh Nette ...: all washed out ....
Matt Oliver.: Cloud over Kinder
John Pedersen Photo: Ice Sculpture
John Pedersen Photo: Lupine Love
alex kravtsov: Coal Mine Canyon, Arizona (179)
BillHinAnchorage: Ship Creek Ice 1511
Katy on the Tundra: Frozen Filagree
carolina_sky: Space Lobster [explored]
lorecrw: Light and hope in the darkness of old age ...
janet.capling: Teardrops
DKNC: Ice Rock
Anniison: Beauty in Unexpected places #2
One_Penny: Bed of Clouds
Mengzhonghua: Winter Beauty
Terry L. Olsen: Frosty Leaves