BillVullo: _06A0174-1
BillVullo: _06A0192-1
BillVullo: _06A0181-1
BillVullo: Keeping an eye on the herd
BillVullo: Snowy morning elk
BillVullo: After the battle and a bit of rest
BillVullo: Resting to heal some wounds
BillVullo: Spork Deer
BillVullo: Time to wake as the morning sun rises.
BillVullo: Morning light
BillVullo: Turkey Vulture
BillVullo: Which way did she go
BillVullo: Early morning crossing
BillVullo: Young Bulls messing about
BillVullo: Bull Crossing
BillVullo: Backyard House Finch
BillVullo: Magnolia Warbler
BillVullo: Female Blue Grosbeak
BillVullo: Oven Bird
BillVullo: Cat bird
BillVullo: Common Yellowthroat
BillVullo: BI8I1069-Edit-1
BillVullo: Phoebe
BillVullo: Persimmons perhaps
BillVullo: Up periscope
BillVullo: Worm-eating warbler
BillVullo: Yellowed Bill Cuckoo Branching
BillVullo: Backyard Cuckoo
BillVullo: Crested Fly Catcher
BillVullo: One of these things is not like the others.