danw11: sunset at Amsterdam
danw11: Amsterdam
danw11: The Corner (Amsterdam)
danw11: Fearless Girl
danw11: Full Moon Rising at Manhattan
danw11: Spring is coming to the City (NYC)
danw11: Staten Island Ferry (NYC)
danw11: Empty Fulton Subway Station (NYC)
danw11: Lines and textures
danw11: Flatiron Building (NYC)
danw11: City never sleep after Shutdown (7 PM at SOHO NYC)
danw11: A walk at the park
danw11: Stairs
danw11: Staircase
danw11: Spiral
danw11: Portrait
danw11: Misty Light
danw11: Middle Creek Wildlife Preserve (PA)
danw11: Landing
danw11: Middle Creek (Pensivinia)
danw11: Verona (Italy)
danw11: Dolomites (Italy)
danw11: Venice
danw11: Downtown Manhattan sunset 2 (NYC)
danw11: Dolomites (Italy)
danw11: Jersey Shore Sunrise
danw11: The Waves
danw11: Manhattan Downtown Skyline (NYC)
danw11: Jersey shore sunrise
danw11: Refelction