k_pitsillos: Brown Grasshopper
k_pitsillos: Departing
k_pitsillos: Collecting
k_pitsillos: Pine processionary
k_pitsillos: Leaf waves
k_pitsillos: Calopteryx splendes
k_pitsillos: Calopteryx Splendes mating
k_pitsillos: Shapes and colours on a bug
k_pitsillos: Lady Bug
k_pitsillos: Camouflaged
k_pitsillos: At dinner time
k_pitsillos: Pregnant
k_pitsillos: Sunflower and a Bumblebee
k_pitsillos: Starting humble
k_pitsillos: Top lines, bottom dots
k_pitsillos: Dust on the eye
k_pitsillos: Spider and bee fighting while a fly is photobombing
k_pitsillos: Fly caught by a camouflage spider
k_pitsillos: Wasp, while cleaning herself
k_pitsillos: a shiny bee
k_pitsillos: My red flower, the tiny snail said
k_pitsillos: Above the clouds, above the sun reflection of the sea