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BilderMaennchen: Lufthansa’s A330 been towed, followed by ANA’s 777 (JA786A) on an Saturday morning
BilderMaennchen: D-AIMA on it’s last couple of feet’s before touch down on 25C at EDDF/FRA
BilderMaennchen: D-ABYA just touched down on 25L at EDDF/FRA with smoking tires - it’s been a while that I took my gear and went for plane spotting at the airport. And it’s my first shot of this Queen of the skies in the new livery.
BilderMaennchen: D-AIHK - LH’s A330 is just seconds away from touch down on 25C at EDDF/FRA on an early morning.
BilderMaennchen: Z5-SNC on short final for 25C at EDDF/FRA on an early Saturday morning with the last colors of the sunrise.
BilderMaennchen: Lufthansa’s A340-600 shortly before touchdown on 25C at EDDF/FRA in front of the ANA 777-300ER (JA786A) which just opened it’s doors minutes before.
BilderMaennchen: B-2045 on short final for 25L on a beautiful Saturday morning at EDDF/FRA - I was lucky enough to get it with the sun rising and coming out with this beautiful background
BilderMaennchen: Lufthansa A340 on short final at FRA/EDDF on an early Saturday morning in June.
BilderMaennchen: Chairoplane Aschaffenburg
BilderMaennchen: 2019_06_Muscat-28