jlw0414: The other way
jlw0414: Here at last!
jlw0414: Moonlight
jlw0414: Wine country!😁
jlw0414: Sunset
jlw0414: Clouds
jlw0414: Nellie
jlw0414: Safari, the hard way.
jlw0414: Looks can be deceiving.
jlw0414: Ready, steady, go
jlw0414: Some neck.
jlw0414: At rest
jlw0414: ‘Bok
jlw0414: Lazing about
jlw0414: Panorama
jlw0414: Pachyderm
jlw0414: Princess
jlw0414: Here it comes
jlw0414: Arriving
jlw0414: Leaving
jlw0414: Toddy
jlw0414: Where did it go?
jlw0414: Arran from Seamill Beach
jlw0414: Leaving
jlw0414: Having a rest
jlw0414: Down the line
jlw0414: Topping: Ready for the off
jlw0414: Tailing
jlw0414: Bonnie banks panorama
jlw0414: Ben Lomond