robert.lindholm87: three fungi brothers
robert.lindholm87: In the limelight
robert.lindholm87: Fagus sylvatica f. tortuosa along road
robert.lindholm87: can't think of a title...
robert.lindholm87: Forest hat
robert.lindholm87: other side
robert.lindholm87: fantasy dreamscape
robert.lindholm87: Roaming the field
robert.lindholm87: living sticks
robert.lindholm87: road trip on foggy forest road
robert.lindholm87: torn and screwed
robert.lindholm87: troll trees
robert.lindholm87: Group photo
robert.lindholm87: Same birthplace
robert.lindholm87: Early morning light
robert.lindholm87: Natural beauty
robert.lindholm87: Mushroom ravine
robert.lindholm87: mossy ledge to anywhere
robert.lindholm87: Colony in dark forest
robert.lindholm87: Tripple treat with a fourth
robert.lindholm87: safer when we are together
robert.lindholm87: long, lean and meanshroom
robert.lindholm87: Tripp trapp trull
robert.lindholm87: Polytrichum commune
robert.lindholm87: Where Diplodocus once roamed
robert.lindholm87: End of a cycle
robert.lindholm87: Blooming end