robert.lindholm87: Some more autumnal leaves
robert.lindholm87: Lamp shade or fungi?
robert.lindholm87: in all its simplicity
robert.lindholm87: Mother, father & child
robert.lindholm87: Mushroom or lamp shade?
robert.lindholm87: Life on a wooden log
robert.lindholm87: Amongst giants
robert.lindholm87: Some still cling on.
robert.lindholm87: From root to crown
robert.lindholm87: Tired caturday
robert.lindholm87: Under the log
robert.lindholm87: Light gathering shrooms
robert.lindholm87: Lonely tree
robert.lindholm87: Lonely man
robert.lindholm87: Autumnal life
robert.lindholm87: Holy fungi
robert.lindholm87: red & white
robert.lindholm87: Dangerous looks.
robert.lindholm87: The red of autumn
robert.lindholm87: Insect's perspective
robert.lindholm87: Evenin' growth
robert.lindholm87: Autumn on the ground.
robert.lindholm87: Deep in the field of green
robert.lindholm87: The siblings
robert.lindholm87: Inside the DNA
robert.lindholm87: Morning drops (Classic neg)
robert.lindholm87: They are finally arriving.
robert.lindholm87: Looking for something.
robert.lindholm87: Old rose hips
robert.lindholm87: The era of shrooms starts yet again.