a.kammhuber: Cherry-Blossom Bokeh
a.kammhuber: Kohlbichl 13 sundowner bw
a.kammhuber: Kohlbichl 13 sundownder color
a.kammhuber: when winter is pulling back..
a.kammhuber: fresh lines
a.kammhuber: an der Glonn
a.kammhuber: Upper Bavaria...
a.kammhuber: Alpine sunrise (on explore March 1st 2023)
a.kammhuber: Kohlbichl 13
a.kammhuber: Kohlbichl 13
a.kammhuber: winter starts loosing
a.kammhuber: stormy Saturday morning
a.kammhuber: my old oak tree
a.kammhuber: The protagonist
a.kammhuber: a privilege to live there
a.kammhuber: always bring a camera with you
a.kammhuber: trying to hide..
a.kammhuber: lazy Sunday afternoon in February
a.kammhuber: standard scene (in explore Feb 6th)
a.kammhuber: winter at the seaside
a.kammhuber: Heuwinkel Kapelle
a.kammhuber: Am Heuwinkel bei Iffeldorf
a.kammhuber: where I live...
a.kammhuber: James Bond Location
a.kammhuber: James Bond Location (in explore Jan 21th 2023)
a.kammhuber: winter sunset
a.kammhuber: winter
a.kammhuber: winter day
a.kammhuber: sudden movement