miroir.photographie: Loved the view when I saw this across the road and happy with the picture ;-).
miroir.photographie: White wall. White clouds.
miroir.photographie: Ruins of old sugar factory
miroir.photographie: Old sugar factory
miroir.photographie: Cave roof in 6x6
miroir.photographie: Lonely Boat
miroir.photographie: Non confine dog on the beach
miroir.photographie: Beach not allowed the days
miroir.photographie: Another coastal view.
miroir.photographie: Lonely Leave
miroir.photographie: View from above
miroir.photographie: Secret spot.
miroir.photographie: Tree splitting frame
miroir.photographie: waal & tree
miroir.photographie: Coastal View
miroir.photographie: Coastal View
miroir.photographie: Walk along the cliffs.
miroir.photographie: Volcanic Beach.
miroir.photographie: Look at the horizon.
miroir.photographie: Wish I was there right now.
miroir.photographie: I really love this place.
miroir.photographie: View on Ocean.
miroir.photographie: You’re surprised ?
miroir.photographie: Everything I like ;-).