henry_beckmeyer: That Lawn, Again
henry_beckmeyer: Bridge over the Creek.
henry_beckmeyer: A Life Cycle.
henry_beckmeyer: Folsom Lake, CA
henry_beckmeyer: Late Afternoon Light on Tree.
henry_beckmeyer: The Lawn
henry_beckmeyer: Colorful.
henry_beckmeyer: Fall Color.
henry_beckmeyer: Empty Bench, California.
henry_beckmeyer: Coastline 3.
henry_beckmeyer: Coastline 2.
henry_beckmeyer: Autumn Approaching
henry_beckmeyer: Redwoods
henry_beckmeyer: Tangled Tango.
henry_beckmeyer: Seen Better Days
henry_beckmeyer: This Means Me
henry_beckmeyer: After the Rain
henry_beckmeyer: Forest Detail.
henry_beckmeyer: One way to beat the heat.
henry_beckmeyer: Riverbed Geology
henry_beckmeyer: Don't Get Out of the Truck
henry_beckmeyer: More Bark than Shark.
henry_beckmeyer: Old Vine