henry_beckmeyer: Shadow-Plant.
henry_beckmeyer: Constellation.
henry_beckmeyer: El Dorado National Forest.
henry_beckmeyer: Down by the River.
henry_beckmeyer: Alpine Lake, Sierras.
henry_beckmeyer: Vineyard View.
henry_beckmeyer: At the Big Box Store.
henry_beckmeyer: History, Part 2.
henry_beckmeyer: Bristlecone Pine.
henry_beckmeyer: History, Part 1.
henry_beckmeyer: Tallest.
henry_beckmeyer: A Walk in the Woods.
henry_beckmeyer: Still Life with Bike.
henry_beckmeyer: Lunch in La Jolla.
henry_beckmeyer: On Top of La Jolla Caves.
henry_beckmeyer: Airbound.
henry_beckmeyer: San Diego Color Study.
henry_beckmeyer: Roped Off & On Display.
henry_beckmeyer: Technology has made our lives simpler.
henry_beckmeyer: The Edamame Eater.
henry_beckmeyer: Shade Trees of San Diego 1
henry_beckmeyer: Shade Trees of San Diego 2
henry_beckmeyer: When you find that perfect spot in the shade...
henry_beckmeyer: Doggy in the Window.
henry_beckmeyer: Dog, Bowl, Sun.
henry_beckmeyer: Granite Lake.
henry_beckmeyer: The High Country.
henry_beckmeyer: Under the Canopy.