michael.vohland: On a Summer Evening in the Murnauer Moos
michael.vohland: In the Murnauer Moos
michael.vohland: Vidi caelum apertum
michael.vohland: Another Specimen of Silver-washed Fritillary
michael.vohland: Silver-washed Fritillary
michael.vohland: On a rainy day in Upper Bavaria
michael.vohland: Foenicum vulgare
michael.vohland: Nice Petals
michael.vohland: Lush Greenery
michael.vohland: How beautiful...
michael.vohland: Many Colours in One Shot
michael.vohland: Have a Nice Summer Day
michael.vohland: Like Small Wheels
michael.vohland: Not rare, yet pretty
michael.vohland: Yellow and orange
michael.vohland: White petals
michael.vohland: Just emerging
michael.vohland: Apple blossom
michael.vohland: Spring is yet to come
michael.vohland: Still nice...
michael.vohland: Blossom of fruit trees is running!
michael.vohland: Some Days Ago In the Dunes of Nieuw-Haamstede
michael.vohland: Beached Breakwaters
michael.vohland: Nice Winter Day at the Sea
michael.vohland: Clematis - Seen in Profile
michael.vohland: Wild Garlic Forest
michael.vohland: Matthias Church
michael.vohland: Esztergom Basilica
michael.vohland: A touch of summer
michael.vohland: L’île des fleurs et des rochers roses