Michael-Oliver: Maniola jurtina - Großes Ochsenauge
Michael-Oliver: Azurjungfer?
Michael-Oliver: Macro capture of Anthocharis cardamines
Michael-Oliver: Lasiommata megera - Mauerfuchs
Michael-Oliver: Pseudopanthera macularia
Michael-Oliver: Nymphaea heudelotii
Michael-Oliver: Der Walnussbaum
Michael-Oliver: Early morning at the Baltic Sea
Michael-Oliver: Dünenlandschaft Norderney
Michael-Oliver: High key version - a swallowtail butterfly
Michael-Oliver: If you like apples
Michael-Oliver: Caligo spec.
Michael-Oliver: Staffelsee
Michael-Oliver: On the north sea beach, with sand and shells
Michael-Oliver: Einfach nur Meer - just the sea
Michael-Oliver: White petals
Michael-Oliver: On the beach
Michael-Oliver: A wonderful place, in autumn on Zeeland
Michael-Oliver: Papilio machaon visiting Cirsium oleraceum
Michael-Oliver: We are together - wir sind zu zweit hier
Michael-Oliver: Lycaena phlaeas
Michael-Oliver: A pretty one
Michael-Oliver: Beached Breakwaters - Wellenbrecher
Michael-Oliver: Anemone hupehensis
Michael-Oliver: Idea leuconoe (I suppose)
Michael-Oliver: Minois dryas (Blaukernauge)
Michael-Oliver: Last sunrays in the evening
Michael-Oliver: View to the Wetterstein Mountains with the "Zugspitze"
Michael-Oliver: Swallowtail butterfly