Michael-Oliver: A snapshot from yesterday
Michael-Oliver: Wild horses
Michael-Oliver: Front of some old houses in Middelburg (Zeeland)
Michael-Oliver: Zeeland, nearby the nature reserve "Oranjezon"
Michael-Oliver: A bench in the green
Michael-Oliver: Two orange-tips
Michael-Oliver: Macro capture
Michael-Oliver: In the Middle Rhine Valley
Michael-Oliver: Colias hyale/alfacariensis
Michael-Oliver: Many have flown today
Michael-Oliver: Sit down to have a view
Michael-Oliver: On a rainy Good Friday at the Moselle vineyard
Michael-Oliver: Seen yesterday
Michael-Oliver: Together
Michael-Oliver: The rock cliffs in the Trollbach valley
Michael-Oliver: One of the first for this year
Michael-Oliver: In the very northern part of Germany
Michael-Oliver: Flourishing
Michael-Oliver: Astrantia major
Michael-Oliver: Ridge Lines
Michael-Oliver: On the Roofs of Zierikzee
Michael-Oliver: Antwerpen, Grote Markt with guild houses
Michael-Oliver: Grote Markt Antwerpen
Michael-Oliver: Still winter in Oranjezon - Zeeland
Michael-Oliver: Against the light
Michael-Oliver: A breezy winter day at the sea