michael-oliver: View on the area of Sault (Vaucluse)
michael-oliver: In Angeln near Geltiner Birk
michael-oliver: Eibsee & Zugspitze
michael-oliver: Lake Eibsee and Zugspitze
michael-oliver: Nice petals
michael-oliver: In the late afternoon
michael-oliver: Some people like fishing in the evening
michael-oliver: Dordrecht
michael-oliver: North Sea - Zeeland... so beautiful
michael-oliver: Coming together
michael-oliver: Rudbeckia
michael-oliver: Aglais io
michael-oliver: In the morning - still some time before sailing
michael-oliver: Geese in flight
michael-oliver: Morning at the Baltic Sea
michael-oliver: Early fog
michael-oliver: Evening at the Staffelsee in the "Blue Country" (Bavaria)
michael-oliver: Erebia aethiops (Graubindiger Mohrenfalter)
michael-oliver: View from Großer Illing (Kocheler Berge)
michael-oliver: Near Partnach Gorge (Bavarian Alps)
michael-oliver: Evening mood
michael-oliver: A visual treat...
michael-oliver: Baltic Sea - early in the morning
michael-oliver: Geese in the early evening sky
michael-oliver: Sunset at the old sea-bridge
michael-oliver: Linum perenne
michael-oliver: Some panicles and herbs