FimRay: Guitar man
FimRay: The Guitar Man
FimRay: Exercise
FimRay: Keep the home fires burning
FimRay: Changing
FimRay: Covid 19 exercise and social distancing
FimRay: Checking out the cure for flatulence ?
FimRay: End of lockdown - Back to work
FimRay: Female construction workers
FimRay: Elderly market trader
FimRay: Coronavirus Child
FimRay: Thumbs up in the queue for free food handout. Pattaya Thailand
FimRay: Grinding Away
FimRay: Alcohol abuse
FimRay: "It's no laughing matter"
FimRay: Rooster
FimRay: Restaurants may well be closed but nobody says we can't eat outside!
FimRay: Hope we can soon see again "The land of smiles"
FimRay: Senior man reading a newspaper in preference to the modern day use of digital media.
FimRay: Riding with the virus
FimRay: A quiet smoke
FimRay: For Me ?
FimRay: Seamstress
FimRay: Face Mask - Thai style
FimRay: Food photographer
FimRay: Waiting patiently
FimRay: Woman in a hurry
FimRay: COVID-19 cyclist
FimRay: Shyness
FimRay: Rome wasn't built in a day