dsw0011: Early Morning Pattern Selection
dsw0011: Sawtooths Milky way
dsw0011: Ian Slaying Them
dsw0011: DSC_5690 Pano2
dsw0011: A Perspective Few Take the Effort to Get
dsw0011: Anticipation of Getting Back on the Trail
dsw0011: Taking it Easy After A Long Day in the Saddle
dsw0011: Toxaway
dsw0011: A New Day About to Bust Forth on Tox
dsw0011: Late Afternoon Sky Show on Tox
dsw0011: Friday Night Warrior Down
dsw0011: Bent but Unbroken
dsw0011: The Snake River Canyon
dsw0011: Toxaway Lake
dsw0011: High mountian lake, Sawtooths. Early morning.
dsw0011: Sundown in the Sawtooths
dsw0011: Sun going down in the Sawtooths
dsw0011: Salmon Falls Reservoir Cloudburst
dsw0011: Pronghorn Symmetry
dsw0011: Smart Phone Fascination
dsw0011: Along the Snake a Particularly Starry Night
dsw0011: Girls having fun
dsw0011: Patriotic
dsw0011: Cool Breeze
dsw0011: Crouch Idaho
dsw0011: Shooting Horseshoe Bend
dsw0011: Discoveries inside a slot canyon
dsw0011: Life in touch places
dsw0011: Traversing the Gulch
dsw0011: A wavy experience