DuetGrim: We are florishing before the leaves because we are really diligent
DuetGrim: Friendship is forever “the four seasons “
DuetGrim: Astride (Hobby!)
DuetGrim: Together
DuetGrim: “My flight”😊 Hobby
DuetGrim: With the sun on the wings(The complete image)
DuetGrim: With the sun on the wings
DuetGrim: In search of the nameless star
DuetGrim: Double oranger
DuetGrim: beauté
DuetGrim: Salvia microphylla
DuetGrim: Happy New Year!💝
DuetGrim: Fishing (Hobby !)
DuetGrim: Charmed gate between two worlds
DuetGrim: The Giant just gone to walk
DuetGrim: dark clouds
DuetGrim: Hobby
DuetGrim: Vice-versa
DuetGrim: Frederic Chopin - Scherzo No.1 Opus 20
DuetGrim: #Explored 2023/01/11 A small fire that warms you,
DuetGrim: Rose
DuetGrim: 😊 Why did a genie throws the clock out the window? To see how time flies
DuetGrim: On the other hand
DuetGrim: forget the black clouds and look at the beauty of nature
DuetGrim: What has thorns and yellow flowers but it is not a rose or a cactus?
DuetGrim: Arbutus unedo
DuetGrim: Bird Observatory
DuetGrim: Cyclamen
DuetGrim: Put a smile in your face it’s so nice to be happy
DuetGrim: “In vino veritas “