@Duet: In the desert, where the sun beats down, And the cactus bloom so bright, There’s a beauty, rare and pure, In the harshest of the light.
@Duet: “ Sunflower" #Explored /26/May/2024
@Duet: The Strings of Destiny "part of artpiece". "smile on saturday"
@Duet: "The Song of Change: Journeys at Sea and in the Golden Realm of Transformation
@Duet: Mer Rouge
@Duet: "Vigil in Silence".
@Duet: A single eye is easy to paint, but capturing its gaze is much harder...
@Duet: Eye of the Tiger
@Duet: The Expressive Essence of Creation " White Flowers "
@Duet: . "Repetition in art?”
@Duet: Through nature embraced by imagination, every click of the lens unveils a unique, eternal story.
@Duet: the mystery of gentle innocence
@Duet: An infinite blue "Blue for You - ME 2024". Smile on Saturday #Explored /10/Mai/2024
@Duet: The Image of Childhood
@Duet: Lost Conversations Among Masterpieces
@Duet: Queen Bee Lost in the Urban Hive
@Duet: A dandelion bloomed!
@Duet: It's good that you are, what a marvel that I am!
@Duet: MiniOne: Triggering the camera with the power of the mind Smile on Saturday! :-) - Objects taking Pictures
@Duet: Universes
@Duet: Wild Beauty at the Entrance to the City of Great Hopes
@Duet: Teleportation: An Adventure with Greeneye "double exposure with objects".
@Duet: The Golden Sea of Wheat
@Duet: Shimmering Gold Seas
@Duet: An Unforgettable Experience: Exploring the Amazing Museum
@Duet: Ephemeral Beauty "smile on saturday" "nature in hand"
@Duet: Eternal Return to the Sea
@Duet: Silence of the Heated Conversations
@Duet: In the silence of time, whispers echo soft, Moments unwind, where dreams aloft
@Duet: The Utopian World of Stories: A Reality for Fairy Tale Enthusiasts