johngregory250666: Lantic Beaches....
johngregory250666: Readymoney Cove..
johngregory250666: Polperro.....
johngregory250666: Harvest Time
johngregory250666: A Sunny Day in August
johngregory250666: Walls and Trees
johngregory250666: Late Summer
johngregory250666: Magpie Mine
johngregory250666: Dandelions.....
johngregory250666: Charlestown Harbour
johngregory250666: River Foway
johngregory250666: limestone Country
johngregory250666: Dales Barn
johngregory250666: Dales Country lane
johngregory250666: Kit Kat stones at sunrise.....
johngregory250666: Higger Tor Sunrise
johngregory250666: He went Thataway!!...
johngregory250666: Sunrise on Higger Tor
johngregory250666: Lime tree Aenue
johngregory250666: Conistone Dib..
johngregory250666: Sunset in the Dales
johngregory250666: Upper Wharfdale
johngregory250666: Higger Tor
johngregory250666: A path in Ne Derbyshire
johngregory250666: Curbar Edge....
johngregory250666: Middle Handley...