caophi: Challenge
caophi: Rice field
caophi: Lonely boat
caophi: A foggy lake in early morning
caophi: An Early Bird
caophi: A morning paddler
caophi: Pagoda lights decorated for full moon January
caophi: Rich and Poor
caophi: Landmark 81 in Saigon
caophi: Sunset
caophi: Phu My Bridge
caophi: wild grass
caophi: Grass by the sunset
caophi: Sunset
caophi: Nap
caophi: Sunrise
caophi: Lê Hồng Phong Bridge, Phan Thiết
caophi: Aligning
caophi: Drops of light
caophi: Flower market
caophi: Flower in Lunar New Year
caophi: Phu My Bridge
caophi: Bubble
caophi: Landing
caophi: bird by the sunset
caophi: Owl beside Full Moon
caophi: Lotus
caophi: drops of light covering on flowers
caophi: Paddling through the water coconuts
caophi: Dreamy bokeh