@mmanni: #novemberblues
@mmanni: Ghostrider
@mmanni: under the bridge
@mmanni: november blues
@mmanni: Pink
@mmanni: stormy
@mmanni: ...
@mmanni: searching….
@mmanni: rhino in the city
@mmanni: horse trekking - on the top of the moutain
@mmanni: lazy day
@mmanni: vacation
@mmanni: La Moselle
@mmanni: the beach II
@mmanni: the beach I
@mmanni: last sunset
@mmanni: industrial swimmingpool
@mmanni: under the cloud
@mmanni: industrial
@mmanni: the swimmer lll |2021|
@mmanni: the swimmer II - 2021
@mmanni: the swimmer I - |2021|
@mmanni: kitschy but real
@mmanni: up to the sky II
@mmanni: up in the sky I
@mmanni: Tetraeder - Bottrop
@mmanni: Der Tetraeder
@mmanni: volcano à la Ruhr
@mmanni: cranes and harbour