scorpion (13): Giant canna andaloucia (Indian flower tube)
scorpion (13): Jewelry store Lanzarote
scorpion (13): bougainvilleaf lowers with bee flowers
scorpion (13): Hibiscus flowers on the island of Lanzarote Canary Islands
scorpion (13): Solandra Maxima Flowers of the island of Lanzarote Canary Islands
scorpion (13): I Wish all my Flickr Friends a Happy Healthy New Year 2020.
scorpion (13): The Camellias The great winter exhibition in the Botanical Garden Flora Cologne
scorpion (13): Merry Xmas
scorpion (13): Puppet on a string
scorpion (13): Dear Flickr friends, I'm off ... See you again in 14 days later! after my vacation
scorpion (13): Amaryllis Macro
scorpion (13): Amaryllis with crumpled paper Texture
scorpion (13): Remembering a wonderful holiday time in Foça Turkey last year in September
scorpion (13): Dahlias after a frost night in my Garden
scorpion (13): Last dahlias bloom in my garden after a frosty night
scorpion (13): Amaryllis Macro
scorpion (13): Amaryillis knight stars now bloom again
scorpion (13): Hydrangea flowers after a frosty night
scorpion (13): First Frost in my Garden
scorpion (13): Autumn Leaves
scorpion (13): One of the last Passionflower in my garden
scorpion (13): Dahlia blossoms after a little rain in my Garden
scorpion (13): In the autumn sun, get some food for the winter!
scorpion (13): Deep red in the rain
scorpion (13): Hibiscus hedge in my garden
scorpion (13): The painted lady takes a sunbath on a stone
scorpion (13): Distelfalter
scorpion (13): Hibiscus blossom after rain in my garden
scorpion (13): Morning Glory Prachtwinde Ipomoea purpurea
scorpion (13): Strawflowers in various inflorescences