Carouge5: The 'Pidgeon Boy' of Krakow
Carouge5: Wonderful waitresses.
Carouge5: Ordering pierogi in a Krakow Milk Bar.
Carouge5: Contemplation over lunch in Krakow
Carouge5: Early morning delivery!
Carouge5: Cloth Hall - Krakow
Carouge5: CNN reporter at Auschwitz-Birkenau
Carouge5: Slow Down!
Carouge5: Watching people in Rynek Glowny.
Carouge5: You don't see this every day!
Carouge5: Altar in Wieliczka Salt Mine Poland
Carouge5: I'm happy again!
Carouge5: Starka - Kazimierz
Carouge5: Admiring great artwork.
Carouge5: Striking entry to station.
Carouge5: Best pizza in Krakow
Carouge5: I love their Vodka!
Carouge5: Wieliczka Salt Mines Poland