Carouge5: Looking for a home
Carouge5: Fieldfare
Carouge5: Spring is round the corner!
Carouge5: "Love a duck."
Carouge5: Just remember, I am the boss in these parts!
Carouge5: The Boss!
Carouge5: "Look Moorhen, I can walk on water!"
Carouge5: I see you watching me!
Carouge5: Breakfast.
Carouge5: Where is she gong?
Carouge5: Defensive Song Thrush
Carouge5: In between songs!
Carouge5: Trapped in canal but rescued.
Carouge5: Bottoms up!
Carouge5: Robin
Carouge5: Mist before dawn.
Carouge5: Flying low
Carouge5: Crow before sunrise
Carouge5: Fields of Gold
Carouge5: Where's the family gone?
Carouge5: Evening meal on its way.
Carouge5: Same bird different genes?
Carouge5: Feeding time!
Carouge5: Swan
Carouge5: Standing proud.
Carouge5: He's looking at me!
Carouge5: Singing Robin
Carouge5: Swans in flight.
Carouge5: Resting after a hard August day.
Carouge5: Coming in to land.