dougwest403: Afternoon lightning
dougwest403: Hoarding residence?
dougwest403: Light shower on the 4th
dougwest403: Seasonal flower...
dougwest403: 4th of July
dougwest403: Dragonfly
dougwest403: Old door knob
dougwest403: Reflective moment
dougwest403: Hunting osprey
dougwest403: Attacking osprey
dougwest403: Soaring osprey
dougwest403: Glide pattern
dougwest403: Dragonfly blues
dougwest403: Green dragonfly
dougwest403: Pamlico River moon rise
dougwest403: Osprey family
dougwest403: Turtle
dougwest403: Farm Life pond
dougwest403: Curves...HMM
dougwest403: Childhood toys...HMM
dougwest403: Fox squirrel
dougwest403: Immature bluebird
dougwest403: Queen Anne's Lace
dougwest403: Dragonfly
dougwest403: Rising moon
dougwest403: Moon glow
dougwest403: White wisteria
dougwest403: Onion superstition...HMM
dougwest403: Copper shingle...HMM
dougwest403: Clouds and a bird