brentus69: Manchester Place Fountain
brentus69: Dragon Head
brentus69: A Frame
brentus69: Moxie's 106th Street and 111 ave
brentus69: Churchill Square at Night
brentus69: Pine Cone
brentus69: Hanging Out
brentus69: Illuminated
brentus69: Aging Gracefully
brentus69: Lights and Lines
brentus69: Water Under the Bridge
brentus69: Winter Wonderland
brentus69: Mill Creek Winter
brentus69: Summer Home
brentus69: Exploded
brentus69: Reaching Out
brentus69: Astotin Lake Ice Trails
brentus69: The beavers have been busy
brentus69: Covered with Moss
brentus69: Oak Leaf
brentus69: Aspen Family
brentus69: Spruce and Tamarack
brentus69: Through the Gate and Down the Path
brentus69: Tamarack Trees on Bunchberry Meadows Trails
brentus69: Femur
brentus69: Feathers
brentus69: Blue White and Red
brentus69: Beautifully Braided
brentus69: Colorful Ribbons
brentus69: Ribstone