langdon10: Expert Hikers
langdon10: Taking a Walk. John Prine
langdon10: H2O on the Go
langdon10: Our neighbourhood
langdon10: Wood Pigeon
langdon10: Somebody has been in the Garden
langdon10: He needs a manicure
langdon10: He has that look
langdon10: Gotta Move
langdon10: Skogsdue
langdon10: A Proud Treesparrow
langdon10: The Three Pigeons of the Apocalypse
langdon10: The Path We Take
langdon10: March 1st before the world shut down
langdon10: Happy Aiko
langdon10: My last ship picture....for now maybe ever
langdon10: I can stay in this forest
langdon10: Blåveis, Signs of Spring
langdon10: The sound of water
langdon10: Aiko Likes the forest
langdon10: A Blackbird fight
langdon10: Lunchtime
langdon10: Siskin and a Redpoll
langdon10: Siskin
langdon10: Gråsisik or Redpoll
langdon10: Svarttrost
langdon10: Greenfich up close
langdon10: Fluffy
langdon10: Up close
langdon10: Gråsisik or Redpoll