langdon10: Evening colours
langdon10: Gaia
langdon10: Layers of Sunset
langdon10: In Port
langdon10: Be that uncle
langdon10: Most Southern Lighthouse
langdon10: The Ferries are Here
langdon10: Glorious Day's End
langdon10: Getting pasts the rocks
langdon10: Kollossal
langdon10: Aiko is a mountain dog
langdon10: I don't trust the guy in the middle (in explore)
langdon10: Karmøy sheep
langdon10: The Viking Queen
langdon10: Aiko and Eva running in the mountains
langdon10: Back in the land of Giants
langdon10: Gaustatoppen
langdon10: Butterflies
langdon10: Retro Colours
langdon10: For My Father's Birthday
langdon10: Boris the Spider
langdon10: Dragonfly hunts
langdon10: International Border
langdon10: Swedish Skis
langdon10: Strömstad, Sweden
langdon10: Rain
langdon10: Any ideas on what type this one is?
langdon10: There were some beautiful things in that grass
langdon10: So Many Butterflies
langdon10: European Peacock Butterfly