langdon10: Norwegian Fire Sky
langdon10: Icy Roads
langdon10: Over Looking Skudeneshavn
langdon10: Looking West
langdon10: Greenfinch
langdon10: Nothing was moving
langdon10: She is ready
langdon10: Blue Yellow and Red
langdon10: I like Magpies
langdon10: Mother of Pearl Clouds
langdon10: I can watch this for hours
langdon10: Eva uses her knee as a tripod
langdon10: Did Anyone Plug in the Light?
langdon10: Blue Tit
langdon10: Grand Great Tit
langdon10: Eurasian Siskin
langdon10: The lumps and bumps make it interesting
langdon10: Waiting to Go
langdon10: Breaking
langdon10: This sunset kept getting better
langdon10: On the Farm (in explore)
langdon10: Eva's Birthday Lunch
langdon10: On the Level?
langdon10: From the Fork in the Road
langdon10: Aiko runs free
langdon10: My kind of Busy Beach
langdon10: Smallest Cafe in the World
langdon10: Breakfast Time
langdon10: Rugged Farmland
langdon10: The rugged coast