langdon10: Rain Lots of Rain
langdon10: In coming weather
langdon10: Find your bearings
langdon10: Bee and Bud
langdon10: On Lookout
langdon10: Heading off into the day
langdon10: Mornings at work
langdon10: Tiny Flower Tiny Bug
langdon10: Work to be done
langdon10: Death Bed
langdon10: Fuzzy Bee
langdon10: Up close and personal
langdon10: The Admiral
langdon10: Getting close to a Hoverfly
langdon10: I feel pretty Oh so pretty🎶🎶
langdon10: Lookin Snug
langdon10: Bees in Roses
langdon10: Heading to the next flower
langdon10: On Target
langdon10: Primary Colours
langdon10: Blowing Bubbles
langdon10: A Hoverfly rests
langdon10: Pretty in Pink
langdon10: Emerging Yellow
langdon10: Wildflowers
langdon10: Buggy
langdon10: Lil Whites
langdon10: More Orange
langdon10: On the Hunt
langdon10: Little Orange