mdsmedia9: DSC_4992 Violet-green Swallow
mdsmedia9: DSC_4993 Violet-green Swallow
pbrdxiuz76: Not perfect but so beautiful.
WinRuWorld: Gazania and summer shower
PicGirl14: 🎼 Preston Pablo - Dance Alone 🎼
Dally’s Backyard: A female White-throated Treecreeper in the garden for a drink.There’s lots around at the moment but they’re usually vertical half way up a gum tree so it’s nice to get a good look at one
zimmek42: At the top
Glotzsee: Macro Mondays: Jewelry: Early 1970's Mens Necklace
iain.davidson100: 53 This is what the moon should have looked like in #48 20240621_172541
iain.davidson100: 52 Dog Park Brisbane 20240624_142039
iain.davidson100: 51 Still dawn 20240624_062624 Feeding the addiction
single handed photo: Intermediate Egret.
tessab101: Colony of Stiff Jellies
tessab101: Yellow Jelly Beans
tessab101: Cracked Umbrellas
tessab101: Reclamation - HTmT!
tessab101: Yellow Blob Fungi
tessab101: Pretty Pomaderris Preapring to Bloom
tessab101: White Flower Buds
tessab101: Katoomba Pomaderris
tessab101: Left Over
tessab101: Unmistakable
tessab101: Clear White Shroom
tessab101: Mulch Workers
tessab101: Kicked to the Curb
tessab101: Gills Conveniently on Display
Stephen Marcus: Magnolia City
Mrs.WQ: A Look at London #110
BoydPhotoSpot: Local Pond Ducks (1)