vertblu: earth day 2021
vertblu: a bit of green therebetween
vertblu: support
vertblu: tidewater
vertblu: down the lighthouse
vertblu: shades of green
vertblu: either way
vertblu: evening at the seaside
vertblu: succulents temporarily underwater
vertblu: wings
vertblu: woodcut-like
vertblu: and at night it's art
vertblu: chatoyant
vertblu: light&view
vertblu: I see skies of blue and reflections too
vertblu: blushed | in the evening sun
vertblu: same spot of land another impression
vertblu: Hommage à Franco Fontana
vertblu: the mirror
vertblu: strange sun this eve
vertblu: green in winter
vertblu: stones
vertblu: birch trees in the winter sun
vertblu: broken wood
vertblu: sunny midday
vertblu: bold and simple
vertblu: the wire
vertblu: feathery
vertblu: lines and directions
vertblu: freezing cold