fishwatchers: White White-tailed Deer, 1-13-20 Seneca County
fishwatchers: Snowy Owl 1-3-20 Martin Rd
fishwatchers: American Tree Sparrow 12-14-19 East Rd
fishwatchers: American Bittern and vole (21secs) 11-5-19 Benning Marsh
fishwatchers: Chestnut-sided Warbler's colors on tree 6-9-19 Lodi, NY
fishwatchers: Cabbage White Butterfly 10-28-19 Ludovico
fishwatchers: American Bittern 10-28-19 Benning Marsh
fishwatchers: Fox Sparrow 10-26-19 Seneca Falls
fishwatchers: Winter Wren 10-18-19 Lodovico Trail
fishwatchers: Phoebe with a Painted Lady 10-13-19 Tschache Pool
fishwatchers: Sunrise at Montezuma 10-11-19 MNWR
fishwatchers: White-throated Sparrow 10-8-19 Tschache Pool
fishwatchers: Marsh Wren 9-28-19 MNWR
fishwatchers: Fall colors of Bay-breasted Warbler 9-22-19 Cayuga Lake SP
fishwatchers: Yellowlegs 9-22-19 Eaton Marsh
fishwatchers: White-faced Meadowhawk Dragonfly 9-18-19 Ludovico Trail
fishwatchers: Wilson's Warbler 9-15-19 Seneca Falls
fishwatchers: Yellowlegs 9-13-19 Eaton Marsh
fishwatchers: Lance-tipped Darner Dragonfly 9-11-19 Seneca Falls
fishwatchers: Peregrine Falcon 9-11-19 Van Dyne Spoor
fishwatchers: Monarch Butterflies 9-10-19 Van Dyne Spoor
fishwatchers: Semipalmated Plover 9-4-19 Armitage Rd
fishwatchers: High 5 or 6 point Whitetail Deer in velvet 10pics15secs 8-29-19 East Rd
fishwatchers: Damselfly and dew 8-28-19 Van Dyne Spoor
fishwatchers: Morning silhouettes 8-22-19 Knox-Marcellus
fishwatchers: Loosestrife & Cabbage White Butterfly 8-21-19 Ludovico Trail
fishwatchers: Common Whitetail Dragonfly 8-20-19 Seneca Falls
fishwatchers: Purple Martins 8-14-19 Van Dyne Spoor
fishwatchers: Osprey hunt (8pics/9secs) you can pause to look at individual pics 8-8-19 Van Dyne Spoor
fishwatchers: Monarch Butterfly 8-9-19 Seneca Falls