fishwatchers: Yellow-legged Meadowhawks mate 9-21-20 Ludovico Trail
fishwatchers: House Wren 9-18-20 Towpath
fishwatchers: video Barred Owl calling 1min14sec 9-14-20 Van Dyne Spoor
fishwatchers: Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly 9-4-2020 Ludovico Trail
fishwatchers: Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly on mud 8-26-20 Ludovico Trail
fishwatchers: Willet 8-25-20 Seneca Lake State Park
fishwatchers: White-tailed fawn 8-15-20 Armitage Rd
fishwatchers: Little Blue Heron 8-10-20 Van Dyne Spoor
fishwatchers: Six point in velvet White-tailed Deer 8-3-20 Van Dyne Spoor
fishwatchers: Caspian Tern about to hit the water 8-2-20 Van Dyne Spoor
fishwatchers: Caspian Tern catches the falling fish 8-1-20 Van Dyne Spoor
fishwatchers: Coming in for a landing Halloween Pennant Dragonfly 7-30-20 East Rd
fishwatchers: Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly 7-27-20 Ludovico Trail
fishwatchers: Caspian Tern catches fish 7-26-20 Van Dyne Spoor
fishwatchers: Bank Swallow 7-25-20 East Rd
fishwatchers: Mouthful - Song Sparrow 7-22-20 Mays Pt
fishwatchers: White Admiral Butterfly 7-19-20 Van Dyne Spoor
fishwatchers: DC Cormorant 7-18-20 Wildlife Drive
fishwatchers: White-tailed Skimmer dragonfly 7-17-20 Ludovico Trail
fishwatchers: Black Saddlebags dragonfly 7-12-20 East Rd
fishwatchers: Red Fox 7-10-20 King Rd
fishwatchers: Indigo Bunting 7-7-20 East Rd
fishwatchers: Green Darners mate 7-5-20 Wildlife Drive
fishwatchers: Halloween Pennant dragonfly hunting from windy perch (48sec) 7-1-20 East Rd
fishwatchers: Cedar Waxwing with Mulberry 6-29-20 Towpath
fishwatchers: Yellow Warbler 6-26-20 Tschache Pool
fishwatchers: Red-winged Blackbird 6-26-20 MNWR
fishwatchers: Yellow Warbler 6-19-20 Towpath
fishwatchers: Blue Dasher Dragonfly 6-20-20 Towpath
fishwatchers: Hooded Mergansers 6-12-20 MNWR