twohamstersca: Morning glow
twohamstersca: Fall Colours
twohamstersca: Peaceful moment
twohamstersca: Autumn Fall Colours
twohamstersca: Autumn Fall Colours
twohamstersca: Yellow-rumped Warbler perched on a maple tree
twohamstersca: Nashville Warbler
twohamstersca: Palm Warbler (non breeding)
twohamstersca: Least Flycatcher
twohamstersca: Tennessee Warbler
twohamstersca: Northern Flicker
twohamstersca: Ruby-crowned Kinglet
twohamstersca: White-throated Sparrow
twohamstersca: A Grey Catbird enjoyed eating a berry
twohamstersca: Juvenile American Goldfinch
twohamstersca: American Goldfinch (f)
twohamstersca: Rose-breasted Grosbeak (f)
twohamstersca: Magnolia Warbler (f) / immature male
twohamstersca: Magnolia Warbler (f)
twohamstersca: Black-capped Chickadee
twohamstersca: Rose-breasted Grosbeak
twohamstersca: Red-Bellied Woodpecker
twohamstersca: Busy Honey Bee
twohamstersca: A Green Heron caught a big fish !
twohamstersca: A Green Heron saw a fish in the water !
twohamstersca: Green Heron
twohamstersca: A Goldfinch enjoyed eating the Thistles seeds !
twohamstersca: Osprey caught its lunch
twohamstersca: Great Blue Heron
twohamstersca: A Blue Jay got a snack