martyntattam: Green mk1s..... Check, Sr loco..... Check, Sr disc..... Check and doubke track..... Check 👍
martyntattam: 4953 Empress Road bridge
martyntattam: A splash of yellow at loughborough Central April 2009
martyntattam: 2999 arrives on shed greeted by 6106 and 1450 August 2019
martyntattam: Rolling along the Estuary
martyntattam: Sometimes an image can still convey what you want it to even without full sun and blue skies 😏
martyntattam: I look forward to the day that this old girl is clanking along the gcr once again
martyntattam: Waiting for the off at heywood December 2018
martyntattam: Once there were 6 on the pad.......
martyntattam: Still the fastest steam loco design on the planet but this one in its best presentable form 😊
martyntattam: Leaving Loughborough in a hurry
martyntattam: 3 of bulleid's finest at Eastleigh 100 may 2009
martyntattam: Two coach local
martyntattam: Blinged by Bewdley Feb 2019
martyntattam: Waiting for the swanage train to pass
martyntattam: Heading down grade at eardington bank
martyntattam: Early br liveried LNER pacifics at Barrow Hill
martyntattam: Early morning glint with the pig December 2017
martyntattam: How us Brummies do a Cavalcade
martyntattam: She's a star
martyntattam: Ready for the off..
martyntattam: Marquess enters Cheddleton Jan 2007
martyntattam: You are going to find me out in the country.......
martyntattam: Big barclay heads out of foxfield colliery
martyntattam: 42073 strolls through the landscape at Newby halt November 2019
martyntattam: Prairie 4566 orchard crossing November 2015
martyntattam: Certainly in my top 5 charters of all time for me
martyntattam: The quintessential branch line, 6430 Chinnor August 2017
martyntattam: End of the days play at Tyseley
martyntattam: We 3 castles of birmingham