AzimSohielPHHS: “Dour”
AzimSohielPHHS: We do it for the culture.
AzimSohielPHHS: Current mood.
AzimSohielPHHS: Airport.
AzimSohielPHHS: Time tea.
AzimSohielPHHS: Understatement.
AzimSohielPHHS: Winter Haze.
AzimSohielPHHS: Careful.
AzimSohielPHHS: The bay.
AzimSohielPHHS: Back in black.
AzimSohielPHHS: Memento mori
AzimSohielPHHS: Impress.
AzimSohielPHHS: Where my mind is 75% of the time.
AzimSohielPHHS: Not my town.
AzimSohielPHHS: That good purp
AzimSohielPHHS: GET OUT.
AzimSohielPHHS: First time, but not the last.
AzimSohielPHHS: Passion.
AzimSohielPHHS: Soak it in.