zJMac: American redstart (male) with a Mayfly snack
zJMac: Four spotter skimmer dragonfly June 14, 2024
zJMac: Great blue heron with a yellow perch. I was not looking for this guy. I was trying to get a shot of a cormorant farther out on the lake when this guy popped up right in front of me
zJMac: Female Baltimore Oriole among Crabapple blossoms - Arboretum, Ottawa, Ontario - Early morning
zJMac: Black crowned night heron - That yawn is terrifying!
zJMac: Green Heron - I was not expecting to get this shot. It was completely backlit 😎
zJMac: Female hummingbird
zJMac: This Merlin was posing like a superhero...
zJMac: Black-crowned night heron
zJMac: Snowy Owl
zJMac: Stone Balancing at Remic Rapids
zJMac: Ice on fire!
zJMac: Lac Leamy Fireworks [Shot taken from the Ottawa side]
zJMac: Ride 'er cowboy! [Ottawa Busker Festival]
zJMac: Full moon behind the Parliamentary Library. Photobomb level: Seagulls
zJMac: Colonial Viper disguised as a CF18 Hornet
zJMac: I see the light....
zJMac: Yeeee haaaaa!!!!!!
zJMac: Um, don't tell me....He's right behind me, isn't he?
zJMac: Kiddie painting?
zJMac: A still life....or perhaps reality is what _I_ make of it.
zJMac: Waterwalking powers: De-activated!
zJMac: 50lbs of gear and they move like ballerinas!
zJMac: What if they held a fashion show, and the lighting guy didn't show up?
zJMac: Let it all hang out....
zJMac: Butterfree!
zJMac: Only cropped. No photoshop. I think my subconscious wants to go to Disneyland :)
zJMac: "Oh, you beautiful babes [..], for whom we have traveled through time... will you go to the prom with us in San Dimas? We will have a most triumphant time!"
zJMac: A bouquet for Tinkerbell....
zJMac: Mad Kayaker!