zeh.hah.es.: A Tree On Its Own
zeh.hah.es.: Yesteryear a Tree
zeh.hah.es.: Two, but Lonely
zeh.hah.es.: The Other Farmer's Snow
zeh.hah.es.: This time of the year
zeh.hah.es.: Indeed it is freezing cold out there
zeh.hah.es.: Remember: Winter could be like that.
zeh.hah.es.: Verticals
zeh.hah.es.: A last peek
zeh.hah.es.: Worn and torn for many winters
zeh.hah.es.: Nobody is sunbathing at night
zeh.hah.es.: When the world calms down
zeh.hah.es.: The forest is inviting me to a winter hike
zeh.hah.es.: Hat of snow
zeh.hah.es.: Some red to go with the snow
zeh.hah.es.: Squeeze the trees, bend the snow
zeh.hah.es.: Snow waltz for two fences
zeh.hah.es.: Where are the kids? Where are the sledges?
zeh.hah.es.: fence and GOAL!!!!
zeh.hah.es.: Winter sun in Switzerland
zeh.hah.es.: Blue tarpaulin
zeh.hah.es.: Two rockets form a fence
zeh.hah.es.: Reality is a naïve concept
zeh.hah.es.: Let's mend it!
zeh.hah.es.: Fences and trees
zeh.hah.es.: As soft as a dream
zeh.hah.es.: Thorns of defense
zeh.hah.es.: Completing the mesh
zeh.hah.es.: The snow canyon