YL168: The Street of New York
YL168: Red Rock Canyon, visitor center
YL168: Red Rock Canyon in a Froggy Snowing Weather
YL168: Foggy Day in Red Rock Canyon
YL168: Red Rock Canyon
YL168: Fountains of Bellagio
YL168: New York, New York at Las Vegas
YL168: Late Autumn
YL168: Christmas in Middleburg
YL168: Autumn Color
YL168: Autumn Leaves
YL168: Harpers Ferry, WV
YL168: Autumn in the woods
YL168: Autumn in Lake Anne
YL168: The Bangkok Kid
YL168: Angel at Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park
YL168: Walking in the rain
YL168: Key Bridge --- iPhone Photography
YL168: 2021 Maryland Renaissance Festival
YL168: Jousting - 2021 Renaissance Festival
YL168: Lincoln Memorial at Sunset
YL168: Chess - iPhone Photography
YL168: Lake Anne
YL168: Old Town Alexandria Waterfront
YL168: OLd Town Waterfront
YL168: Sailing
YL168: Street at Night
YL168: Reston Town Center
YL168: Walking in the Rain
YL168: A Rainy Night