xamad: a little more closer: C/2020 F3 Neowise (18/07/20)
xamad: Comet C/2020 F3 (Neowise)
xamad: The Double Cluster of Perseus
xamad: NGC1333 - Stardust in Perseus
xamad: Closeup on M31, the big andromeda galaxy
xamad: NGC7635 - the Bubble nebula
xamad: NGC7000, IC5070 and friends, the North America and the Pelican Nebula
xamad: closeup on the big Andromeda Galaxy - starless
xamad: LDN1235 - the Dark Shark nebula
xamad: NGC7023 - the Iris nebula
xamad: Vdb141 - Sh2-136 - the Ghost nebulae
xamad: Barnard 72 (B72) - the Snake dark nebulae
xamad: NGC6729, NGC6726, NGC6723 in Corona Australis
xamad: from South Corse, looking Sardegna
xamad: M104, the Sombrero galaxy
xamad: IC1274, IC1275, IC4685, NGC6559
xamad: M20, the Trifid
xamad: Corsica trip 2019 (25/5 7/6)
xamad: M106 and NGC4248 in Canis Venatici
xamad: M33 - the triangulum galaxy (again and better)
xamad: NGC891 (cropped)
xamad: Benvenue a le plage de Tamaricciu
xamad: Sauter sur la plage
xamad: La Lune et Saturne sur Palombaggia
xamad: Danser et sauter à la plage
xamad: Ma belle maman modèle! ♥
xamad: Tout à la Plage de Palombaggia (septembre 2018)
xamad: Iphiclides podalirius
xamad: Milkyway and Mars from the top of the Alps!
xamad: about 4000 light-years away... The Lagoon Nebula