woolyboy: Passing shadow
woolyboy: The Three Sisters
woolyboy: Perspective
woolyboy: Perched on the rocks
woolyboy: Opera highlights
woolyboy: A walk along the beach
woolyboy: Circular Quay
woolyboy: Lapping the shore
woolyboy: Reflective sails
woolyboy: Apostle
woolyboy: Aqua art
woolyboy: Joey
woolyboy: Desert flora
woolyboy: Wind pumps
woolyboy: Darling Harbour
woolyboy: Cascade
woolyboy: Cormorant Point
woolyboy: Dreaming
woolyboy: The Land Time Forgot
woolyboy: Cool coast
woolyboy: Underground
woolyboy: Eagle nest Rock
woolyboy: Painted desert
woolyboy: Overhead
woolyboy: Faces in the rocks
woolyboy: Around & around
woolyboy: Speed
woolyboy: A New Dawn
woolyboy: Gothic
woolyboy: Teddy B....