woolyboy: Rural rustic
woolyboy: Les Contamines
woolyboy: Alpine pasture
woolyboy: High & mighty
woolyboy: You'd believe a man can fly
woolyboy: Echo
woolyboy: Chamois
woolyboy: Descent
woolyboy: Dinky church
woolyboy: So high - I can't get over it
woolyboy: Chalet of flowers
woolyboy: Hanging about
woolyboy: Megeve
woolyboy: Crystal clear
woolyboy: Twin peaks
woolyboy: Way to the summit
woolyboy: Orange glow
woolyboy: Refuge
woolyboy: Glacial valley
woolyboy: Under a moody sky
woolyboy: Conifers
woolyboy: Way up high
woolyboy: Hidden valley
woolyboy: Pink light
woolyboy: Jetty
woolyboy: Gush
woolyboy: Beach trees
woolyboy: Mountain train
woolyboy: Bench with a view