woolyboy: Deer, Knole Park
woolyboy: Blue woollies
woolyboy: Big sheep
woolyboy: Fish tree
woolyboy: Sheep
woolyboy: Poppyred
woolyboy: Lilypad
woolyboy: In the Glade
woolyboy: Break from cover
woolyboy: Bad hair day
woolyboy: Sheffield Park
woolyboy: Glen Etive
woolyboy: Bluebell Fantasy
woolyboy: Sheepish
woolyboy: Autumn trees
woolyboy: Lion
woolyboy: Barbary lion cub
woolyboy: Roo 2
woolyboy: Roo 1
woolyboy: Kookaburra
woolyboy: Cygnets
woolyboy: Flamingo
woolyboy: Heron with rat
woolyboy: Deer in the mist
woolyboy: Young deer portrait
woolyboy: Hide & seek
woolyboy: Camouflage
woolyboy: Autumn in the park
woolyboy: Silverback
woolyboy: Majestic