woolyboy: Seven Sisters, East Sussex UK
woolyboy: Waterfall
woolyboy: Winter Sun
woolyboy: Alien world
woolyboy: Pavilion
woolyboy: Nicola
woolyboy: Nicola
woolyboy: Mountain Light
woolyboy: Dunstanburgh castle
woolyboy: Mum & the kids
woolyboy: Bamburgh castle at dawn
woolyboy: White hot
woolyboy: Protector
woolyboy: Towards the light
woolyboy: Shifting sands
woolyboy: Waiting
woolyboy: Last resting place
woolyboy: On the beach
woolyboy: Solitary
woolyboy: Web design
woolyboy: Watchtower
woolyboy: Edge of the World
woolyboy: Misty Isle
woolyboy: Pointing the way
woolyboy: Old Man of Storr
woolyboy: Glen Brittle
woolyboy: Reclamation
woolyboy: 'The Corridor'
woolyboy: Ghostly
woolyboy: Light on the rock