woolyboy: A Spin on the Eye
woolyboy: Millenium bridge
woolyboy: Tower bridge
woolyboy: Greenwich afterglow
woolyboy: Canary Wharf
woolyboy: Metropolis
woolyboy: Centurion2
woolyboy: Embankment view
woolyboy: Millenium bridge
woolyboy: Imitation...
woolyboy: Tower-in-glass
woolyboy: Bridge bride
woolyboy: Soaring
woolyboy: Catchlight
woolyboy: City skyline
woolyboy: Pods
woolyboy: Stepping across
woolyboy: Parallels
woolyboy: Don't try this at home !!
woolyboy: Finishing touches
woolyboy: Gasp
woolyboy: Radial
woolyboy: Spokes
woolyboy: Acrobat
woolyboy: Trianglesque
woolyboy: Searing
woolyboy: Reflected abstract
woolyboy: Handrail
woolyboy: Syncronicity
woolyboy: Shadow of the Eye