WernerKrause: Baboon
WernerKrause: gray parrot portrait
WernerKrause: dolls in the rain
WernerKrause: Stairways
WernerKrause: high key in the subway station
WernerKrause: Leading Lines
WernerKrause: view from the other side
WernerKrause: Baroque Bridge
WernerKrause: canada goose in the morning light
WernerKrause: up up and away
WernerKrause: on the the other side of the lake
WernerKrause: red rooster
WernerKrause: penguin
WernerKrause: Hyacinth Macaw
WernerKrause: Eye Contact
WernerKrause: Peacock
WernerKrause: better you always keep an overview
WernerKrause: criss cross
WernerKrause: Fragmented Reality
WernerKrause: Reflection in the puddle
WernerKrause: Sparrow in the Bushes
WernerKrause: Tiger has just finished his lunch
WernerKrause: Great Egret
WernerKrause: Flamingo
WernerKrause: It's best together
WernerKrause: the guard observant
WernerKrause: a slightly different church
WernerKrause: Cologne Central Mosque in the Morning Light